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In addition to the below products we can manufacture custom designs according to your desire and interest.

LED Highbay Light
Grille LED Downlight
LED Downlight
LED Garden Light
LED Pendant Light
LED Ceiling Light
Emergency LED Lamp
LED Mirror Light
LED Wall Lamp
Round Recessed LED Panel Light
Square Recessed LED Panel Light
LED Wall Lamp
LED Ceiling Downlight
Surface Mounted LED Downlight
Surface Mounted LED Panel Light
Surface Mounted LED Wall Lamp Spotlight
Recessed LED Grille Lamp
Recessed LED Grille Lamp
Recessed LED Grille Lamp
Surface Mounted LED Grille Lamp

Beyomon is one of Sri Lanka's premium suppliers of LED lighting. We specialise in high quality LED lighting, because not only do we believe in the massive benefits of using this energy efficient light source, we are here to pass the savings on to you.

Save Money

Save Electricity - Save Your Money

Evolution of light

LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting is a new technology and as with any type of new technology, there are limited suppliers of really high quality certified LED Lights, for a reasonable price. We are committed to bringing not only the best quality globes to our consumers, but at a very competitive price.

There are four overwhelming reasons to switch to LED lighting with Beyomon.

  • Its going to save you a heap of cash
  • You'll be helping save our environment
  • You won't need to change globes for 30 Years depending on your usage and you will save 90% on your lighting bills.
  • LED globes are safe than all the other lighting solutions.

The immediate benefits you will notice running LED lighting, is the amount of savings you will have over long periods of time. With power bills increasing every year, you can't afford to stick with standard and costly halogen, CFL and incandescent lighting - There's simply no excuse.

Your current conventional lighting is literally chewing up power, and that will most certainly be noticeable on your Electricity bills. LED Lighting will drastically reduce your power costs as well as decrease carbon emissions.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and is an electronic light source. Most lighting found in Sri Lankan homes and offices today are very inefficient costing homeowners bucket loads of money as well as emitting vast amount of CO2 into our atmosphere killing our beautiful environment.

LED lighting is a viable replacement for existing household and office lighting, just much cheaper to run and better for our environment. There is no reason to wait any longer, get rid of your costly Halogen, CFL and incandescent lighting and switch your globes to LED today.

eco friendly led Light Bulb on Green Grass

Why LED?

  • LED bulbs are ecofriendly and it contains NO Mercury.
  • It lights instantly and you get the choice of dimmable LED bulbs too.
  • It economical and does not create heat in your home.
  • Insects do not get attracted.

Usage Instructions

  • Always cut off the power before replacing the light bulb.
  • Always keep away from children.
  • Do not allow children or inexperienced personnel to replace the light bulb.
  • Do not directly look at the glowing bulb. Like any other glowing objects, it can cause a problem to your vision.