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Talent Acquisition across Man Power always should be done in a professional manner as it triggers a lot to increase the organizational productivity. Entrepreneurs spend so much on innovative systems and procedures of their companies, but if they could not select the right people to the right place, all good systems go waste. Trying to find out a perfect match for a vacancy sometimes a bit tricky, as some organizations needs a role with a mixed skills and capabilities.

How we resolve this problem?

Either you are an employer who is looking for the ideal job seeker or if you are a job hunter who is looking for your dream job, you do not have to go any further. We are there to take the time to listen and understand your requirements and produce a hassle free solution.

  • We help with your search for permanent, contract or temporary employment, becoming the middle arm between job seekers and potential employers.
  • We maintain a database of potential CVs at different levels and categories.
  • So we are in the capacity to recommend candidates with relevant expertise and specialized skills through shortlisting, screening and interviewing to meet your requirement at high end.

Once the employer chooses the preferred individual/s, they will have to pay us just a one-stop-charge, a one month’s salary only, for all the benefits and assistance that we offer. For top positions such as General Managers, CEOs etc. still our charge do not exceed more than Rs. 100,000/- though how much you offer as their remuneration. We decided to charge such a very nominal fee, as our aim is an eminence service more than bigger profits. Beyomon – The Best for Your Money !

Potentials Connected

Why should companies use us for their selection & recruitment?

Resolve Hiring Problem

Resolves Hiring Problem

Saves Time

Saves Time

The Right Choice

The Right Choice

As Prompt and Competitive Recruitment Agent, we offer several benefits with a strong knowledge of your particular industry.
  • We take your job role and analyze the job description.
  • Then Identify the best suited top 25 candidates from our database and short list them to 10.
  • Interview and Screen them to check whether they really have those potentials that they have stated in their CVs.
  • Then we select top 5 out of them for you to go through and select the best as per your interest. At this stage we handle the scheduling for candidates according to your convenience and communicate with them to make sure that they attend to your interview on time as per the given time table.
  • Once you made your final decision with your perfect match, we do the reference checking also for your convenience.
This procedure saves your valuable time in addition to all your expenses for the whole process of recruitment & selection.
Our service does not end from there.
  • We continuously be with you as your recruitment consultant with our commitment to ensure whether you are completely satisfy with our service that we provided and the selection that we did for your organization.
  • We will be in touch and check with you on 2nd , 4th , 8th and 13th weeks to see whether everything is going well with our service.
  • If you felt that the candidate is not the best fit for the position, and if you informed us about it within 3 months, we will do another replacement for you free of Charge.
  • If you informed about it within 6 months, we will do another replacement for you with 50% discount.
  • If you requested after 6 months, you will have to pay one month’s salary again.
Like other job agencies usually do, we do not display any vacancy in our website. We find the entrepreneurs / organizations that require any hiring with our Recruitment Consultancy and handle everything up to issuing the letter of appointment on behalf of the company.
Organizations can do outsourcing also through Beyomon as per their requirements.

What we offer for job seekers?

Job Seekers... our service is totally FREE for you !

Rejection does not mean that you are not qualified enough or talented enough. That sometimes means that they have failed to notice what you are having to offer !

We have a carrier guidance center maintaining for your betterment. We know looking for a new role in your same field is challenging, especially to obtain with job satisfaction and a good return. We are here to assist in

  • planning your next job,
  • how to write a convincing CV,
  • how to face the interview with confidence by knowing interview hints and tips and
  • how to unlock your potentials and market yourself.

We do all these services to your convenience free of charge ! We, the Beyomon is the Best Service Provider for your future!